Kick Scooter vs Bike | Which has more benefits and which is more fun?

While kick scooters and bikes both offer excellent exercise and transportation benefits, one may be better suited for your personal needs than the other. 

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Using a kick scooter tends to be best when you need to travel a short walking distance, as taking a kick scooter is about five times faster than walking. In contrast, bikes are a great choice if you need to travel much farther than a walking distance. 

Keep reading to learn more about the specific benefits of both kick scooters and bikes. 

Kick Scooter vs Bike: Benefits 

Kick scooters and bikes have several different benefits in similar categories. See how they compare in terms of the following benefits:


Kick scooters are the best if you do not want to worry about storage, as they are foldable and light. Instead of looking for a parking spot or a bike rack, you can simply fold up your kick scooter and keep it under your workspace or in a bag. 

Folding bikes are also fairly simple to store, although they may need a slightly bigger space than a kick scooter. Many workplaces in cities have bike storage spaces, and bikes can also be locked into a rack or onto a pole with a chain. 

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Kick scooters and bikes are both amazing forms of exercise, especially if you never have time to go to the gym. Using both often leads to losing fat and extra weight. You are also less likely to develop health problems like diabetes, heart issues, or even depression due to the exercise.

However, using a kick scooter tends to work out your leg muscles the most, whereas riding a bike is primarily a cardio workout. Keep in mind that it is best to switch legs when using a kick scooter so that one leg does not become more toned than the other. 

women riding a folding bike


Again, kick scooters are excellent for covering a short walking distance in a much faster amount of time. If you live that close to your workplace, taking a kick scooter will cut down the length of your commute. It will also make it easier to access restaurants and other places that would normally be too out of the way during your lunch break. 

On the other hand, bikes are the best for a long commute, as they can handle any distance. If you live very far from your workplace and do not want to bike the entire way,or at least not initially, biking can also be mixed with taking public transportation. Bikes are allowed on subways, and many bus stations have bike racks. 

As an added bonus, both kick scooters and bikes allow you to avoid nasty traffic. 


Using either a regular kick scooter or a bike will save you money on transportation. For starters, they do not require gas. Both are also cheaper to get and maintain than a car, which will save you thousands of dollars. 

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A non-electric kick scooter merely costs about seventy-five dollars, and you will not need to worry about replacing batteries or other electric bits. Kick scooters are also fairly cheap to replace in the unlikely event that they get stolen. 

For bikes, maintaining one only costs around three hundred dollars each year. People who ride bikes to work at least three times a week even get a small tax reimbursement every month for bike costs, including storage and repairs. 

women on an electric scooter


Kick scooters and bikes are much less stressful and more fun to operate than a car. The exercise you get while using a bike or kick scooter causes your brain to produce more endorphins, which will make you feel happier. You will also be breathing cleaner air than you would be in a car, and your lungs will definitely appreciate that. 

Additionally, anyone can ride a kick scooter or a bike, and they are available for children and adults. Both modes of transportation are a great form of spending time with your family. Using kick scooters and bikes does not have to be limited to commuting to and from work. 

Conclusion: Which is best Scooter VS Bike?

Kick scooters and bikes have many similar benefits, especially in terms of enjoyment and improving physical and mental health. However, they are not exactly the same, and one is better than the other in certain situations. 

Most importantly, kick scooters are better for covering a short distance, and bikes are better for longer commutes. Bikes can also be used to break up a commute into periods of biking and taking public transportation. 

Keep in mind that using a kick scooter gives you the best workout when you switch legs, as one may be become more toned than the other if you do not.  Whichever you may choose, both will save you money and time, and your family will enjoy joining you on adventures outside of your work commute.