Kick Scooter for Heavy Adults | Top 3 Kick Scooters 2022

You’ve probably heard of scooters, right? Yep! They’re a kid’s thing, correct? Nope! There are so many scooters available for adults of all shapes and sizes!

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No matter what your fitness level is currently there’s no reason not to try an adult kick scooter. Even larger and heavier adults can still enjoy this fun transportation which is a great way to keep fit.

So, before we show you the best kick scooters on the market, we are going to take a look at everything you need to consider before you start splashing the cash.

Quick peek at the Top 3 Kick Scooters for larger Adults

What Is a Kick Scooter?

A kick scooter is super fun. If you don’t like cycling, running, or walking, it is a fantastic alternative. Not to mention that they make commuting that much healthier (and hopefully even enjoyable!).

Anyway, you get the idea. It’s basically just a kid’s scooter with adult dimensions.

What to Consider When Buying a Kick Scooter

To tell you the truth, there are lots of things to consider when purchasing a kick scooter. Whether you are going to be using it for commuting or leisure purposes, it needs to fit your weight and height.

Don’t worry, we’re not making you go through this alone! We are here to hold your hand while you look at all the finer details.

The Wheel Size

As soon as you look at a load of scooters all lined up, you will be able to tell the wheel size. There are various advantages and disadvantages of each size. Let’s take a look at them.

Small Wheels (100mm, 120mm, 125mm, 145mm diameter)

The Pros

  • They’re super lightweight.
  • They are easy to control (i.e. accelerate and brake).
  • They have a smaller turning circle.

The Cons

  • The gliding distance per push is shorter.
  • There is more chance of them catching on cracks and such.
  • You will notice that there is far more ground vibration meeting your foot with these.

Large Wheels (180mm, 200mm, or 230mm diameter)

The Pros

  • The gliding distance per push is longer.
  • The shock absorption is better.
  • They come with a larger deck (generally speaking) which is far more comfortable.
  • You are more likely to be unhindered by cracks and objects on the ground.

The Cons

  • They are heavier and harder to carry
  • They’re more inconvenient on public transport and in crowded areas.
  • They have a larger turning circle.
  • You have to put more effort in to accelerate and brake.

The Deck Size

We hinted earlier that the size of the wheels always dictates the deck size, and we stand by this. The bigger the deck, the bigger the wheels.

For us adults, the larger decks tend to be more comfortable as you have space to maneuver your foot. Have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a big deck below so you can make the right decision for you.

The Pros:

  • They are easy to step off and on.
  • They are more comfortable since you can move your weight around and change the position of your foot.
  • The wheel base is longer. This is excellent for commutes and keeping in a straight line on the road.

The Cons:

  • They make the scooter heavier.
  • The scooter will be larger in general.
  • You have to put more effort into acceleration and braking.
scooter deck size
Look for a scooter with a wide deck base.

The Weight Limit

Typically, most adult scooters can take up to 200lbs. But, you can find ones that take up to 800lbs depending on your weight requirements. In this article, we have featured and linked to three of the best and most suited kick scooters for larger adults and heavier users.

The most popular top weight is 264 lbs which fall into the ( Affordable price range ) one you go over 264 lbs then the price goes significantly higher.

Some of the top brands like Swiftyscooters can command a tidy price tag of over $500 for a good model. They are really cool though and are specifically designed for larger and heavier adults.

However, If you’re like me and can’t afford $500 for a scooter ( The wife would kill me ) then the ones we have featured above are a more affordable option.

Still super cool and lots of fun but for a fraction of the cost.

The Handbrakes

The majority of kick scooters don’t come with handbrakes. Instead, you brake by pressing your foot onto the rear fender which is also the friction brake. Although this system is simple, it’s incredibly effective.

Having said all of this, we are going to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a traditional handbrake scenario.

The Pros:

  • The system is familiar, like those on a bike.
  • There is a shorter reaction time involved.

The Cons:

  • They aren’t widely used on scooters. Therefore, you will have to spend more time searching for a make and model that does fit them.
  • They add weight to your kick scooter.
  • They are more complex than the rear fender/friction brake situation.

The Overall Build Quality

Once you have considered all of the categories above, it’s time to look at the overall build quality. After all, this will have the biggest impact on the scooter’s performance and comfort.

Our advice is to stick with well-known brands. They have a reputation to uphold so they’ll ensure that each of their scooters are top-notch. Budget options, on the other hand, are exactly that — budget!

We promise that you will get a lot more enjoyment out of a well-priced, high-quality vehicle than you will a mall sports section scooter.