Are Electric Scooters Heavy to Carry? – An Overview

In recent times, owning a car has become a luxury for most people. This is because the costs of owning and maintaining a car are simply not affordable for everyone.

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Thus, in order to meet our everyday transportation needs, there have been several alternatives that have emerged over the past few years. In fact, electric scooters are perhaps one of the most convenient ways to travel short distances every day.

A lot of people shy away from using electric scooters as they think it’s heavy to carry around in a backpack or bag wherever you go.

But actually, it’s not that heavy at all! Electric scooters can be as light as 15 pounds and can fit easily into any bag or backpack without adding too much weight.

What is the weight of an Electric Scooter?

The first thing that must be kept in mind is that the weight of the electric scooter is very important.

The weight of the product is one of the most crucial elements that you must look out for when buying an electric scooter. This is because you will have to carry the product around in your bag or backpack wherever you go. If the electric scooter has a very high weight, you will find it difficult to even lift it from the ground in order to place it inside your bag.

Hence, it is very important to choose an electric scooter that is lightweight. The average weight of an electric scooter is about 20 pounds.

How to Carry an Electric Scooter?

In order to carry your electric scooter in your bag or backpack, you must first disassemble the scooter.

This will make the scooter a lot easier to carry in your bag. You can also use a scooter bag for easy carrying, as it has wheels for convenient and easy transportation.

If you are using a scooter bag, you must remember to keep the charger in a separate bag so that the scooter bag does not get too heavy. You must also keep the scooter bag in the top part of your bag so that it does not get damaged while carrying it around.

What Type of Bag to Use?

The best bag to use for carrying your electric scooter is a backpack that has wheels. This way, you can easily lift the scooter inside your bag and also roll it around once you reach your destination.

You must also look for a bag that has enough space to fit your scooter along with other items that you need to carry. A bag with a large space will allow you to carry other items as well and will also allow you to fit your scooter inside it.

You can also use a duffel bag or a scooter bag for the same purposes. For more on this you can find my full guide on carry cases for electric scooters.

However, you must make sure that the bag is strong enough to fit your scooter and is also large enough to fit other items as well.


The weight of an electric scooter is one of the most crucial elements of the product that you must look out for.

A heavy scooter will be difficult to lift and will also add more weight to your bag. However, it is important to remember that most electric scooters are lightweight and are easy to carry around in your bag.

Make sure to disassemble your scooter before you put it into your bag and also use a strong enough bag to fit your scooter.