What Are Folding Bike Tires |What Makes Them  Unique?

How many of us have ever been on a lengthy bike trip and suddenly had a tire blow out? In some cases, it’s an easy fix with a patch kit, but what if the damage is too extensive for such measures?

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Unless he or she were carrying an extra tire, the only option for a cyclist in this predicament would be to push the bike to the nearest place that sold bike tires or call for a ride.

Folding bike tires can change all of that.

What Is a Folding Bike Tire?

What Is a Folding Bike Tire?

Unlike standard bike tires with beads and bundles of steel wire, folding bike tires feature Kevlar or Aramid beads that can easily grip onto the wheel’s rim hook. While the standard steel wire tires can be awkward to lug along with you on a trip, these foldable tires are flexible and easily packed for travel.

You can toss a folding bike tire into your carry-on, backpack, or purse and take it on your commute. Most foldable bike tires will have a higher thread count or dual-compound tread to make them more durable and give you a smoother ride. 

They also weigh less than traditional bike tires, which contributes to their ease of mobility. By carrying along a foldable bike tire, you can ride with peace of mind, knowing that if you pop a tire, you have a backup right there in your bag.

Differences Between Folding Bike Tires and Regular Bike Tires

Differences Between Folding Bike Tires and Regular Bike Tires

Of course, the differences between folding bike tires and regular bike tires make the folding ones unique. Knowing these differences can help you decide which type of tires is best for you.

As mentioned, folding bike tire strands are made with Kevlar or other flexible materials instead of the steel cables used in regular bike tires. Kevlar is strong and durable enough to last for long trips but lightweight enough to carry without much inconvenience.

The flexibility of the folding bike tire makes it much easier to install on your bike than a regular bike tire. It will stretch to fit over the rim so you can put it in place more quickly. 

The rubber in the tread of folding bike tires is somewhat softer than that in regular bike tires. This gives them a better grip on most riding surfaces but can also cause them to wear out a bit faster than traditional tires. 

It is possible to find folding bike tires that offer similar durability to regular bike tires; however, they will be a bit more pricey. These tires feature several rubber blends, whereas many folding bike tires are made from a single rubber blend.

Speaking of price, that is another difference between a folding bike tire and a regular bike tire. A folding bike tire can cost a bit more than a traditional one, depending on which brand, quality, and style you choose. 

Are Folding Bike Tires Made Exclusively for Folding Bikes?

Although the name may seem to suggest so, folding bike tires are not made exclusively for folding bikes. On the other hand, the name of the folding bike doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Just as it sounds, a folding bike is a bike that easily folds up. 

The purpose of having a folding bike is to save space for those who live in small apartments, etc. If cyclists have no garage or outside storage area for their bikes, they may opt for a folding bike that they can easily keep inside without taking up much space.

What makes the bike unique is the fact that you can fold it into such a small size. Of course, various folding bikes will do this differently, but the idea is to make the bike as small as possible for storage yet stable enough for all sorts of traveling.

Folding bike tires are perfect for folding bikes in that they are easily stored in small spaces, but they are also great for many other types as well. This list includes electric bikes, hybrids, road bikes, bikes meant for long-distance travel, or bikes used for tricks and stunts.

Conclusion – Before Taking Off

Before you take off on your folding bike tires, there are a few steps that you should carry out. Since most folding bike tires don’t last quite as long as regular, steel-wired ones, you should always check them for damage before engaging in any trip.

You should look for cuts, bald areas, worn spots, or irregularities – even if they have never been used. Even brand-new tires could have flaws that would make your trip a dangerous one. 

Overall, folding bike tires are a great alternative to regular ones and can give you the peace of mind that you won’t be stranded if you pop a tire. Feel free to browse our site for more informative posts about folding bikes, folding bike tires, and more cycling topics!