How To Fold A Folding Bike? | A Complete Guide

When it comes to cycling, there are several different types of bikes available. Each has its drawbacks and benefits, depending on the cyclist’s needs. 

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For example, the mountain bike works well for the avid, rough-terrain biker. These bikes feature wheels and tires that work well in the most brutal biking environments. Hybrid bikes are great for those casual riders who are not traveling very far.

Touring bikes are great for long-distance travelers who plan to take a good amount of supplies on their journey. And all-road bikes are suitable for those in a hurry along rough roads. 

And then there are folding bikes. These bikes were designed to be easily folded to fit in a small area. This makes them easy to store for cyclists who don’t have a lot of space. 

But how do you fold a folding bike? Is it hard to do? How much time will it take? Is it really worth it to have a folding bike? This article will explore these questions.

Folding Methods for Folding Bikes

Folding Methods for Folding Bikes

There are a few different methods for folding your bike. Which one you use and how to fold each type of bike depends on several factors, including the bike’s manufacturer, model, and size, as well as your personal preference. 

Mid-Folding or Half-Folding Method

Mid-folding is perhaps the most popular method for folding bikes. This choice works well on bikes with a solid hinge, allowing them to fold halfway down the frame. 

With the mid-fold method, quick-release clamps make it easy for cyclists to fold or unfold the bike relatively quickly. These clamps are reinforced for added safety and protection.

When folding with this method, you will simply release the clamps and fold the bike in half, so the tires line up. The handlebars and seat will also feature quick-release clamps to make them easy to maneuver. Some models may also have folding pedals and steering columns.

Vertical Bike Folding Method

Vertical Bike Folding Method

Although it works similarly to the half-fold method, this way of folding bikes is technically the opposite. Where the half-fold allows the bike to fold in half horizontally, the vertical bike folding method does it vertically. 

This method has hinges in the seat and chain or the main tube (sometimes both) that allows the bike to fold in a way that tends to make it smaller than the mid-fold. 

To use this method, you will simply pop open the self-release clamps and fold the bike at the hinges. Usually, the frame hinge will fold first, followed by the seat, etc. 

Magnet Bike Folding Method

The folding magnet system utilizes a magnet and shock absorber on the rear to create the folding design. With this magnet, you fold the back section of the bike at the wheel and lock it onto the bike’s frame.

Then, with the help of this magnet, you bring the rear wheel forward and fold the bike vertically. While this method is a bit more complicated, it makes the bike easier to carry since you can roll it around on its back wheel.

Triangle Hinge Bike Folding Method

To use the triangle hinge bike folding method, release the clamps and fold the bike’s rear triangle and rear wheel down. Then you will flip them both forward so that they rest underneath the tube of the main frame. 

Some manufacturers put both flip hinges and swing hinges on the frame of their bikes. This design allows the bike to be folded and unfolded much faster for most cyclists.

Breakaway Bike Folding Method

If your bike has a diamond frame, this may be the method that will be required for folding it. To use this method, you will pivot from the seat post, which will hinge so that you can separate the frame. Then simply fold the pieces of the frame into one another.

Different Brands and Styles Fold Differently

Different Brands and Styles Fold Differently

As mentioned, there are several ways to fold your bike, and each brand and style may have a different method for doing so. There is simply no way to share all the ways to fold each type of folding bike in this article. 

Some videos and tutorials show how to fold each type and brand of bike. While a few of them show how to use a horizontal fold, others may teach how to use a vertical fold

You can also find instructions on how to fold bikes by their manufacturer, such as videos to teach how to fold a Dahon folding bike. This option is also available for Schwinn and many other brands.


While not all folding bikes were designed to fold in the same way, there are five main bike folding methods. In most cases, simply reversing the folding instructions that came with your bike will teach you the best way to fold your bike.

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