3 Ways You Can Lock Your Folding Bike | Make Sure It Stays Safe!

You’ll want to take your new folding bike with you wherever and whenever possible. It’s compact enough to stash almost anywhere, which makes it perfect for travelling or commuting. The only catch is that you don’t want to risk having it stolen.

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Even though it isn’t as expensive as other bikes, a high-quality folding model can still cost a fair bit of money to replace. Fortunately, there are several ways to lock your bike and make sure that it stays safe from would-be thieves when you aren’t using it. There are numerous locking devices available on the market that can be used in combination with your folding bike and some of them even have additional storage space or secondary functions. Here are 3 ways you can lock your folding bike so that it stays safe wherever you are storing it.

Combination Lock

A combination lock is one of the most basic kinds of locking mechanisms. It’s nothing more than a padlock with a dial on it. You set the numbers to whatever code you like and then you have to turn the dial in order to open the lock. This mechanism is very simple and easy to find, but it’s also quite weak. A determined thief can almost always break open a combination lock, especially if they have access to the right tools. However, if you’re just locking up your bike for a short period in a low-risk area, a combination lock is your best bet. It’s cheap, easy to carry around, and can be opened and closed quickly. If you’re mostly locking your bike up in places where there’s little risk of theft, a combination lock is a great option.

Chain Lock

Chain locks are a step up from combination locks. The same locking mechanism is built into the mechanism, but there’s a length of chain wrapped around the back wheel and seat post of your bike. You then lock the chain itself with another padlock. Chain locks are a great option if you are locking up your bike in a high-risk area. A determined thief may be able to cut the lock, but they’ll have to spend a reasonable amount of time doing so. That may be enough to scare them away and give you enough time to call the police. If you’re in a low-risk area, a chain lock will be more than sufficient to deter potential thieves.

U-Shaped Lock

U-shaped locks are a popular option for many people. They’re great for locking up your bike in high-risk areas because they can wrap around several different objects. You can easily lock your bike to a bike rack, to a signpost, or to another stationary object. This gives you plenty of flexibility and you can easily modify your locking strategy depending on the surroundings. If you’re in a low-risk area, you can lock your bike to a stationary object. If you’re in a high-risk area, lock it to a bike rack. U-shaped locks are also great for storing large amounts of stuff on your bike. If you want to store a backpack or a laptop bag on your bike, you can use the U-shaped lock to secure it.

Tips for Combining Your Folding Bike with a Lock

If you’re looking to further your protection against potential thieves by locking your bike, there are a few things you should keep in mind. – First, you don’t want to lock your bike to something that’s also attached to something else. This is called chaining your bike to something else, which makes it incredibly difficult to get your bike loose again. – Second, you want to lock your bike to something that’s pretty immobile. This means that you should avoid locking it to trees unless you have a very strong chain lock. – Third, you want to make sure that your lock is actually securing something on your bike. If you just lock your front wheel to a signpost, the thief can simply cut your lock and walk away with your entire bike as if nothing happened. – Fourth, you want to consider the risk level of where you’re locking your bike. If you’re in a very low-risk area, you can use a smaller lock. If you’re in a high-risk area, you’ll want to use a larger, heavier lock.


When you’re out and about and want to take your new folding bike with you, it’s important to lock it up to prevent it from being stolen. There are several types of locks you can use to keep your bike safe. You can use a combination lock, a chain lock, or a U-shaped lock to lock your bike and make sure that it stays out of the wrong hands. These locks are easy to use, and they’re also convenient because they give you plenty of options for where you can lock up your bike.